To make the most of your TOTALLY RAD 80s PROM GONE BAD!, you will want to transform your party space into your prom. Here are a few ways to do that are both inexpensive and FUN!

• School colors! Select school colors for Mayhem High and decorate using those colors. If the party is around Halloween time, you may want to use orange and black!

• Balloons, balloons, balloons! Nothing says a high school dance more. You can have them in clusters, archways, as table centerpieces, or just scattered on the floor. Nothing will make the mood more festive.

• Don't forget the crepe paper streamers!!! Not only are these cheap, but they go a long way in pulling together your colors and theme of your party space.

• Create a "theme" for your dance and decorate your venue according to that theme.

• Create a balloon archway for your dance floor.

• If you can, solicit a disco ball to help with the lighting. If not, see lighting tips below!

• Print off ballots and have your guests vote for your own prom king and queen. (Ballots included when you purchase mystery.)

• Have a stage with two thrones for when your prom king and queen are crowned.

• Create a dance floor with inexpensive linoleum tiles from your local home improvement store (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.)

  • Make a “Mayhem High Senior Prom” Banner. You can go simple and make it from inexpensive banner paper or posterboard or go all the way and have one printed up from a professional printer!

  • Create an outside archway to take pictures under, like a real high school event and then have everyone take their pictures under it. A perfect way to remember the evening. (See more under photo spot ideas.)

  • Use the website and create yearbook pictures from the 80s of each of your guests. Hang them on the wall like a reunion. On the website, you can also print pictures of student life like the cheerleading squad, football team, etc.

  • Hang up 80s movie posters of some of the favorites-- try to see if you can get all of the members of the brat pack! (Included with the mystery)

  • Have framed pictures of your favorite heart throbs (Kirk Cameron, Judd Nelson, Michael J. Fox, etc.)

  • Set up a breakdancing floors and encourage a "dance off" sometime in the night.

  •  Have eighties classic movies playing in the background (such as: Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, etc.)

  • Have some of your favorite 80s candy out-- sweet tarts, wax lips, candy buttons, bottle caps, Big League chew, candy necklaces, Sprees, Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, etc. See more ideas in on the food suggestions.

  • Have a sunglasses table with all sorts of cheesy (inexpensive) 80s sunglasses. Make sure your guests take one home with them to remember the night by!

  • Find old cassette tapes and spray paint them.
    Can use them for just about anything
    • centerpieces
    • Write people’s name on them and use them as placeholders
    • string them and hang them for decoration
    • Make a light here (pictured below)

With this theme, it is easy to pick out the perfect color scheme – NEON!

    To pull the color scheme through to your whole space consider the following:

    • When decorating a large area or to make an area look more intimate and festive, consider draping gossamer (or another inexpensive fabric) across the ceiling, walls, and edges of the tablecloth. Combine multiple, bright colors for a fabulous appearance.

    • Balloons, balloons, balloons!

    • A little spray paint can go a long, long way. Spray paint novelty items, vases, old wine bottles, etc. to help bring out the color theme and add inexpensive decoration to your party.

    • Have a tablecloth—whether plastic or fabric – the colors of your choice or go with an 80s black and white pattern (like above).

    • Accentuate your tablecloth with the alternative color by using paint pens or fabric paint to paint on decorative accents.

    • Neon streamers
    • Neon balloons
    • Neon table cloths
    • Neon plastic-ware
    • have balloons and put glow sticks inside to give them the neon-y feel
    • Have a backdrop with neon paint splatters or spray paint on it
    • The more NEON, the better!

Give your guests an unforgettable souvenier by setting up a photo area where they can capture a picture of themselves in character.


  • Use your 80s neon speech bubble photo props – included with mystery.

  • Think bright/neon colors and patterns for your background -- both very popular in the 80s!

  • Practice all of your classic prom poses!

  • Create a backdrop with a simple white sheet and splatters of neon paint or spray paint.

  • Find an 80s patterned fabric and hang it as a backdrop.

  • Have a “Mayhem High Senior Prom” banner to pose under.

  • Create an outside archway to take pictures under it.

  • Have additional props for posing in pictures (crowns, tiaras, 80s sunglasses, neon boas, leg warmers, etc.)

A few suggestions:

  • Pick a place where there will be good lighting.

  • You can make it as elaborate or simple as you want.

  • Accessories and decorations can make the difference. Have some extra props on hand that your guests can pose with.

  • An easy way to create a background is to use a "scene setter". These affordable rolls of images transform your room instantly and make for a good backdrop to your picture.

  • Make sure there is enough room to fit everyone in to the frame.

  • For individual shots of guests, designate someone to be in charge of pictures as your guests arrive.
    o Consider your character list and which character would fit the role of taking the picture. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the investigator to be in charge of taking the pictures.

  • For a group picture, take one just before the introduction is read or right after the solution is read (before people may start heading out).
    o These are two times when you can count on everyone being around and attentive.

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